Madden NFL 18 to Feature Photorealistic Visuals and Three New Play Styles

Electronic Arts has revealed some product details in relation to Madden NFL 18. A slew of information continues to trickle out since the reveal of the cover athlete. Yes, Madden 18 will be the first game of the series to run on the Frostbite engine. EA claims that the game will offer photorealistic visuals, as the teaser trailer that was unveiled yesterday does look phenomenal. Stadium exteriors, cityscapes, fireworks, and new player entrances will bring the game to life like never before. The lighting in the trailer is stunning. The inclusion of Frostbite will hopefully bridge the gap in the animation and physics department that was lacking with the Ignite engine.

EA wants Madden 18 to cater to everyone, including e-sports competitors. The game will feature three play styles. Competitive will aim to bring the best experience to those e-sports competitors, citing that stick skills are key as big rewards can be earned or bigger penalties can happen for those risks. Arcade will allow for high scoring and limited penalties. Lastly, Simulation will stay true to team and player ratings while including the traditional NFL rules and penalties.

Once again, thanks to the Frostbite engine, Madden 18 will include Target Passing. No longer are you tied to throwing to an open receiver. Throw to who you want and where you want for ultimate control of the passing game. Play Now Live! is also a new mode that will allow players to compete with the most up-to-date rosters, statistics from, and custom commentary where seasons can be continued to the Super Bowl.