Screenshot Saturday Featuring GibHard, Cloudbase Prime, Many More

Screenshot Saturday and springtime is an excellent combination as it turns out.  A little warmth in the air (or a lot, depending on your latitude) brings out a fantastic week in the screenshot world, with a good percentage more than the normal dozen-ish imgages getting drafted for this week’s collection.  The usual outpouring of pictures and video clips is never short on things to look at, of course, because that’s the nature of the hashtag, but this week felt far more packed than normal.  I’ll just shut up here so you can get to the good stuff below, most of which is made even better by activating the videos’ play buttons.

MEKA-ON- Twin-stick low-poly robo-combat action. Overheat and all you’ve got left is your sword, but seeing as it can swat away enemy bullets it’s not like it leaves you a sitting mecha-duck. Pay-What-You-Want at the link, or right here if you’re not in a tweet-clicking mood.

Gib Hard- Randomized pure-action FPS. There was a time when this was a genre that had completely disappeared from the gaming scene and it’s hard to state how great it is to see it come back so strongly from the dead.

Zorbit’s Orbits- Unicycle-bot doesn’t seem the most practical hero to collect gears in a strangely circular level, but it’s got a grapple to swing around with so becomes surprisingly capable at the job.

Rival Star Hero- Vertical shooter with fantastic pixel-art enemy design. Similar to Twinkle Star Sprites you compete against an opponent on the same screen, and can transform into a boss to rain bullet madness into their face.

Silverfish DX- Dodge-’em-up with a little bug-fish swimming through a very crowded petri dish. The red dot on its head is the hitbox, which is probably the only reason it’s not dead yet. Swim from one powerup to the next for as long as possible, collecting the twinkly remains of your would-be predators.

Rocket Theater- If this was the 90s I’d describe the game as a cross between Tony Hawk and Quake’s rocket jump. Also, Diehard Gamefan would swoon over the art style while lamenting it’s not true 2D. Playable early version here.

Dire- Race the sandstorm in a mad drive to get home causing max damage along the way. A VR experience in black and white and red and fire.

Bounds- Twin-stick shooting on an infinite plane warped at the edges of the circle to extend to infinity. The sparks flying off the plane of the action combine with the compression of space to reinforce the eyeball’s interpretation that the action happens on a really strange sphere.

Forgotten Passages-  Cute adventure about exploring 100 small worlds, one after the other.  Or maybe it’s just a test of a particle system.  Either way- pretty!

A Knight Never Yields- A blind knight runs through a trap-filled castle, except he needs to do it twice. The first time the player can see what’s happening and the second, not so much. The knight can’t see, after all, so the week’s worth of polish on the level architecture is lost on the poor guy.

Unnamed- Some type of low-res cyperpunk first-person thingy. Not enough info on this one to give any kind of proper description but the cityscape is fantastic.

Mugsters- A good death animation is frequently more than enough a reason to throw away a life or two.

Hang Line-  Climb a mountain with a grappling hook in a perfect fusion of Umihara Kuwase and Crazy Climber.  The rope hooks on to the white background safely enough but other platforms are more wobbly, and the occasional goat is more than happy to send you flying.  It’s dangerous up there, but when you’ve got a grappling hook you gotta grapple.

Hazelnut Bastille-  Screenshot Saturday or Soundtrack Saturday?  Whatever, it’s alliterative so it works.

Cloudbase Prime-  Some games are content to just load in the terrain.  Cloudbase Prime, an FPS adventure where you can raise or lower the hexagonal landscape to launch yourself and enemies any which way, has a better idea.

Woodbound-  Survival game where you’re leading a tribe in a world returned to nature, managing people and the tasks they perform while keeping the group safe and fed.  It would be a peaceful life if it weren’t for the hungry deity that requires sacrifice.

Bonus Image

Bedlam Ball- Sometimes it’s nice to do something way overly-detailed because while nobody else might notice it exists the thing is fun to make and you’ll know it’s exactly what you wanted it to be.