Save the Land With Customized Magic in Mages of Mystralia Launch Trailer

There’s always some evil or another knocking on the door of a mystical world.  It’s hard to live in peace with wild magics shooting up the place, but having a mage or two around beats getting killed by goblins.  Mystralia has recently had  a fairly severe bout of magic abuse, though, so the entire land has an edict against mages striking down the profession.  Which would be super-effective if only magic was something that had to be learned, rather than an untamed talent coursing through the veins of the mystically inclined.  Zia didn’t ask to be a mage but she’s stuck with it, and as long as she’s got this talent she might as well learn to use it properly and, what with one thing leading to another, maybe defeat a rising evil at the same time.

Mages of Mystralia is an action-RPG where you don’t just cast magic but put components together to define the spells and their effects.  It’s gotten a nice collection of accolades over the year (including our own Best of PAX South earlier this year) thanks to its endearing world and flexible combat system, and now its official release is only a few days off this coming Thursday, May 18.  Check out the launch trailer below to get a sense of the game in motion, and get ready for a fusion of unique magic combat in a wonderfully traditional console-style action RPG.