Redout: Lightspeed Edition Announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Redout just got a massive update on PC, and today, its retail edition was officially announced for console. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be receiving the Lightspeed Edition of the game. The Lightspeed Edition will be coming to retail stores and include both the Europa and Neptune DLC from the PC version. It follows in the tradition of franchises like F-Zero and WipeOut by delivering anti-gravity racing thrills – but does so with a level of flair that no entry in those franchises could match. Even WipeOut HD, as good as it was, can’t hold a visual candle to Redout. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will each receive an exclusive livery – with the Xbox One getting a black and neon green design, and the PS4 getting a black and blue one.

Fans of the genre who have been turned away by crippling difficulty will be glad to know that the recent upgrades to the PC version have allowed you to change difficulty levels – making it the most fair, and arguably the most fun futuristic racer out there. Those seeking a punishing experience can still get it if they want, but players wanting to simply have fun and minimize frustration can do so as well. It’s a very user-friendly racing game and that bodes well for Redout’s future as a retail release.

34BigThings poured their hearts into the game and with a full retail release, more people than every before will be able to enjoy it. Having it as a digital release on PC has given many people a chance to try it out, and it’s positively stunning with maxed-out settings. Redout: Lightspeed Edition will be released on August 31 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Xbox owners really haven’t had many futuristic racing games throughout the years – with Quantum Redshift being the only exclusive one, and that was sub-par.

Redout is an exceptional experience and the Xbox One controller fits it perfectly thanks to the triggers making it very easy to make slight adjustments to your acceleration and braking. PlayStation 4 owners will be in heaven between this and WipeOut: Omega Collection coming out for it.  Redout takes everything that worked about the WipeOut franchise, but is far less frustrating. This is going to be a must-buy for racing fans, and it’s only a few short months away. Owners of decent PC rigs should check it out beforehand though, especially while it’s still on sale via the Humble Store.