Famitsu Reveals Early Access Content for Fire Pro Wrestling World

A recent report from the latest Famitsu magazine has revealed some exciting information about what will be featured in the upcoming Early Access version of Fire Pro Wrestling World. The first new Fire Pro Wrestling game in over a decade will be coming to that program in the second quarter of the year, and fans now have a bit of an idea of what to expect when it launches. Offline and online play will be available along with the legendary edit mode. This precursor to modern day creation suites has been one of the best ever when it comes to replicating real-life stars for nearly two decades. Match-type wise, there will be an impressive array of options as well.

  • Normal Match
  • Steel Cage Deathmatch
  • Electric Current Blast Deathmatch
  • Land Mine Blast Deathmatch
  • Battle Royal
  • MMA rules

The Japanese pro wrestling industry has gone through a resurgence since the last Fire Pro game was released, and this game is expected to feature new moves like the Rainmaker to ensure that things are as current as possible. So far, it appears like this game will be the first to feature an all-original cast, although with it coming to PC, the creation suite should lead to large rosters fairly quickly. Hopefully, Steam Workshop support is put in the early access version. If it isn’t, then people will have to make their own characters – and while that can be daunting, it’s also incredibly rewarding when you get things just right.