Devolver Digital Announce First Ever E3 Press Conference

Not satisfied by simply announcing they’ll be holding an Indie Picnic just across the road from E3, Devolver Digital have confirmed that they’ve gone one step further — possibly the only other step a company can make at E3 — and will, this year, host their first ever press conference as a publisher. No other information so far as start time and date has been provided outside of the initial announcement on social media, but it’s already garnered quite a few less-than-excited reactions from users. Something the publisher has been more than gracious of not only accepting, but making fun of.

Needless to say, regardless of their status as an indie-focused/non-AAA publisher, Devolver Digital’s rich, diverse and interesting portfolio of titles speaks for itself and for those in the video game community (or most of them anyway), this is certainly both a surprise but another welcome event to look forward to. Titles like Ruiner, Ape Out, a final showing of Absolver prior to its August release and perhaps a tease to either Serious Sam 4 or The Talos Principle 2 could likely make an appearance but we’ll see what sort of announcements have in store when E3 officially kicks off next month, June 13.