Ex-Burnout Developers Debut Danger Zone Gameplay, Release Date

From Three Fields Entertainment, the team behind Dangerous Golf and Lethal VR, comes the spiritual successor to Burnout’s infamous Crash Mode, Danger Zone.

As shown off in the trailer below, Danger Zone tasks players with causing as much vehicular chaos and destruction as possible inside of a virtual crash testing facility. If this concept seems familiar, that’s because Three Fields Entertainment is mainly comprised of former members of Criterion Games, the studio behind Need for Speed and, more relevantly, the Burnout franchise, which included the cult classic Crash Mode that asked players to complete a similar objective. With all that experience, it will be interesting to see if Danger Zone can turn a secondary mode into a full-fledged experience that is as captivating now as it was almost thirteen years ago.

Danger Zone will come crashing down on May 30 for PS4 and PC.