First Details of PES 2018 Unveiled, Gets Release Date

While it won’t be until June 13 that we get a full, official trailer, Konami have today offered up the first bits and pieces of information regarding the latest iteration to the Pro Evolution Soccer series, or PES for short. As you would expect, PES 2018 aims to improve on the series’ notably deep and detailed gameplay mechanics evermore with the company claiming that among its many improvements, the game aims to include a more sophisticated and authentic style of play. Referred to as “strategic dribbling”, players will be able to make small, contextual gestures via control input to either shield possession from opponents or wrong-foot them with small, subtle but tactile movements depending on the part of the body the ball interacts with.

The animation and motion-capture systems have also been significantly improved with reference to the game’s overhaul in stadium lighting to better simulate day and night matches alike. So far as modes go, PES 2018 will feature both 2v2 and 3v3 online co-op but will also see the return of the Random Selection Match as well as an improved version of the Master League wherein you take the role of a club manager and now go through the potentially perilous and precarious moments in one’s career via pre-match interviews and locker room scenes. But perhaps the most interesting announcement is the “substantial enhancements” that will come part of the PC version of PES 2018 — past releases having come under hefty scrutiny from the community for their less-than-satisfactory visual and content-based quality.

Needless to say, Konami are certainly promising fans and neutrals alike that PES 2018 will show itself as another critical step-up in the series and one that will rival EA’s FIFA franchise once more. Interestingly while its competitor has confirmed its own iteration this year will be on the console, Konami have so far been tight lip on whether PES 2018 will too be coming to the Nintendo Switch, having confirmed it will once again be available on PS4, Xbox One & PC. Check out the first teaser trailer below to get a better idea on what PES 2018 has in store when it launches September 12.