Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Brings New Animation, Gaming Experience to Beloved Franchise

The Futurama franchise has been dormant since the (latest) series finale four years ago. Fortunately, the franchise has been revived for a mobile app – complete with all-new animation and voice work.

Jam City partnered up with Matt Groening’s Curiosity Company and David X. Cohen to create the animation and more original animation will be produced. The game itself will blend simulation, exploration, adventure and traditional combat mechanics. New New York will be featured alongside several other planets. With an expansive universe to explore, the Futurama franchise should prove to be a natural fit for the mobile gaming world.

Worlds of Tomorrow will be released on the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play Store. Right now, Android users can pre-register via the game’s official site.

Check out the new teaser trailer below: