Release Date for Star Trek Online’s Season 13 on Consoles Announced

Though the console players get it last, Cryptic hasn’t been shy about keeping the expansions for Star Trek Online coming. One could argue that it’s a good thing, as the modules get tested out by the PC players, and any fine tuning that needs to be done is finished before it hits the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. With that, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced the release date for the console version of Season 13, otherwise known as Escalation. That date is June 6, by the way.

Players will continue their adventure as the captain of their chosen vessel, picking up where the story line of the last module left off. Teamed with the Lukari, they will assist the struggling race in their war against the Tzenkethi as well as help them to learn the origins of their species. Along with the new story content, console players will be able to engage in wars games. As previously explained:

“Players will team up in groups of five and compete against other teams in PvE scenarios. This system will have a new reputation attached as well as award class specific ships and captain gear. Players will also receive a Player Potential score to assist with matchmaking, allowing teams of equivalent skill levels to square off fairly. Cryptic has always kept things balanced in my opinion, as I have been able to hold my own in their competitive modes, but the STO team is also going to be doing some minor rebalancing to ensure that each class will remain useful.”

All in all, there remains ample reason to stay invested in the title. Some might argue that it’s not the purest expression of the Star Trek Universe, but I can attest that this title is what actually kindled my interest in the franchise as a whole. Yes, there is more of an emphasis on action here, but negotiation and diplomacy play major parts in the story as well.