Splatoon 2 Footage Dives Deeper into Story Mode

While the Nintendo Direct mostly focused on Arms, fans of Splatoon got a bit of a treat. Splatoon 2 has been sort of quiet on what its storyline content will focus on, though today we received a bit more information.

Marie recruits the player to help search for her Squid Sister, Callie. The two have been split apart for some time and it seems Callie has gone missing. It seems like the Octarians may have squidnapped her! The single player gameplay resembles the action from the first title. Players will use their skills and traverse through various levels of Octarians in order to find Callie. There are new puzzles to solve which will certainly put you to the test. However, one helpful addition is the ability to use different weapons which can come in handy. Face off against strange enemies and enormous bosses until you reach the end.

Take a look at the footage below and see all the action for yourself. Splatoon 2 launches on July 21 only on the Nintendo Switch.