Pokémon Sun and Moon Version 1.2 Update Available

Trainers may be hard at work filling up their Pokédex or raising tough Pokémon but some of those plans may be put on pause. A new update is available for the Sun and Moon which is required for any online play.

There have been fixes to moves Sky Drop and Spiky Shield along with Scatterbug not being able to learn egg moves. A scary glitch would cause the game to end on rare occasions if certain items were last in your bag but has now been fixed. Changes to Friendly Competition were corrected to prevent canceling an entry or the Battle Teams getting unlocked. At some point Pokémon eggs could hold items but that has also been take care of. A Poké Pelago exploit has been patched when trying to change the time.

Once version 1.2 of the game has been installed, any saved Battle Videos cannot be shared or played. Be sure to enjoy them now before updating.