SKT and G2 Set for MSI Grand Final

After G2’s upset win the finals for the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational have been set.

The exact opposite of what I believed was going to happen in the knockout match between G2 and Team WE happened. After a slow start to game one, G2 clawed their way back and managed to win. G2 would go on to dominate game two, lose game three, but convincingly close out the series in game four.

Now, however, they have to beat SKT. Not impossible as we’ve seen cracks in SKT’s armor over the years, but incredibly unlikely with the tournament they’ve been having thus far. SKT hasn’t had too many obstacles this tournament, excluding their two losses. SKT plays games out methodically and manages to do whatever is necessary to finish the game late on their terms.

The Grand Final is going to be an incredible battle for G2, but if they can play at the high level they did earlier this could be a good one. You can watch the action here.