Watch Team WE Against G2 Esports in the Last Knockout Match

After yesterday’s trouncing of Flash Wolves by SKT T1, G2 and Team WE have a chance to show fans a good BO5 series.

Team WE are ranked as the second best team in the tournament and shown they are in their group stage matches. With only one more loss than SKT T1, and one of those losses being to them, they showed that they can play on par/better than every team in the tournament. Realistically, their match against G2 shouldn’t cause them too much trouble as the only player playing at the top of their game on G2 is Zven. Whether or not the rest of the team has shown up to offer some support will be interesting to see.

This BO5 starts at 1 p.m. CST and will set up the finals taking place tomorrow. It’ll likely be four games as G2 should be able to steal one, but no upset should happen today.