Injustice 2 Character Guide: Doctor Fate

Official Bio

Affiliation: Neutral | New Character

Powerful sorcerer Kent Nelson wears the Helm of Fate and sees the fate of all mankind, for better or worse. He knows the world will end — either by Brainiac’s hand, or in a war between Batman and Superman. Though the Helm compels Kent to preserve this grim fate for the sake of Order, Kent’s humanity compels him to intervene on behalf of his heroic friends — and risk the unforeseeable consequences.

Base Stats

Strength Ability Defense Health
1050 1150 900 1050

Special Moves

Doctor Fate’s specialty is magic, and he employs a lot of it in his fighting style. Whether it’s up close or at a distance, Doctor Fate has a spell capable of repelling an opponent. Though he may not be the heaviest hitter on the roster, his magic makes him a formidable foe.

Special Move PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Amon Ra Blast Down, Forward + Square Down, Forward + X
Displacer Orb Down, Back + Square Down, Back + X
Glyph of Osiris Down, Back + Triangle Down, Back + Y
Breath of Life

Behind Breath of Life

Down, Forward + Triangle

Down, Forward + Triangle, Back

Down, Forward + Y

Down, Forward + Y, Back

Spell of Judgment Down, Back + X Down, Back + A
Shardium’s Lock Down, Down + X Down, Down + A

Character Power – Power of Apep (Circle/B)

Doctor Fate augments the powers of special moves with dark magic, giving each a damage buff (All special move combos remain the same)

Supermove – The Amulet of Anubis (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Doctor Fate unleashes a blast of magic that drags the enemy into the amulet on his chest. This attack works at mid-range, but is blockable. If successful, the enemy will be dragged into an ancient room where three Doctor Fate’s are waiting for him. One slams them against the wall, the other hits them with dual Displacer Orbs, and the last one blasts them with a Glyph of Osiris that sends them flying out of the amulet.