PC Version of The Silver Case Getting Some Polish

As much as I loved the PC version of the HD remaster of Suda51’s The Silver Case, I found myself forced to declare the PlayStation 4 release the superior version. The reason for this rested solely upon the addition of two new chapters, Whiteout Prologue and Yami, to the whole package, teasing the events of the next story and filling out the tale as a whole. Well, that advantage is going to be negated, as Playism and Grasshopper Manufacture will be adding these chapters to the PC version at no charge on May 30.

In addition to the new chapters, the update will see some tweaks to some of the movies and images as well as add in new Steam achievements for those looking to boost their completion percentage. All in all, this is fantastic news.

Best of all, it appears that the remake of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is in the works. According to Famitsu, via Polygon as I cannot read Japanese, Suda has confirmed that Grasshopper Manufacture has begun production on remaking the episodic sequel for Windows PC. This is jumping ahead, but if the pattern for the original game holds true, it goes to follow that it will make its way to PS4 a few months after. (This last is only a guess.) Either way, here’s hoping that the sequel will also come to the west.