Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Launches on PS4

Disappointed with last year’s mediocre iteration into the beloved Star Ocean universe? Well Square Enix has something for you. The Japanese publisher has released Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on PlayStation 4 today.

This is the third game in the long running franchise (going over 20 years now). Unfortunately, this isn’t a remaster or remake, but a simple PlayStation2 Classic on PlayStation 4 title, meaning the resolution has simply been increased to better support the current expectations of games.

Unfortunately, Till the End of Time does seem priced a little aggressively at $20.99, coming in at least $6 more than any other PS2 Classic on PS4. Square Enix has also released a short one-minute launch trailer for the release, along with a message from Producer Shuichi Kobayashi, hopefully getting you excited to dive back into a classic space opera.