Train to Reach New Heights in Magikarp Jump

Magikarp is underrated and often made fun of. Nobody knows its true potential lies deep within those strong fins. Magikarp Jump is a new mobile game to give this Pokémon the credit it finally deserves after years of neglect!

Train your Magikarp to jump higher its opponents in order to win numerous tournaments. The more air time you get, the bigger an impact Magikarp will make. Along the way you will meet Pokémon that help out by keeping Magikarp fed. Once your Pokémon reaches level 20 or gets knocked out (whichever comes first) they will no longer be able to compete. However, a new Magikarp will arrive and be just a bit stronger than the last.

There are in-app purchases that can be made but the game itself is free. Magikarp Jump is available for Android and iOS devices. Take a look at the trailer below and launch Magikarp into some high flying action!