Hello Neighbor Launching End of August

If there’s one low-key title that’s got many people clambering for the next available alpha/beta/whatever, be it private or public, developer Tiny Pixel’s Hello Neighbor — published by none other than tinyBuild — certainly takes that distinguished title with comment after comment across all forms of social media on when the odd, perilous but interestingly unconventional strategy title would next be made available. And with the game having offered four separate Alpha’s, tinyBuild have today announced the game’s full/final build will release on August 29.

If you were lucky enough to play through the latest Alpha build, you might have stumbled across an item in the game World, shaped like a box with the letter ‘X’ on one side and the number ‘1’ on the other. This was in fact a not-so-subtle confirmation that the game will also be coming to Xbox One alongside its PC release. So far there’s been no news on whether we may see this on either PS4 or Switch anytime soon.