Super Cloudbuilt Goes Photoshop With Its Swappable Graphics

Though it may not be top of everyone’s priority list, art-style and all-round aesthetic are what can make or break the experience whilst actually playing the game it’s a part of. And while most (if not all) games tend to nail their art-style down to one specific style, developers Double Eleven — whom will be putting out their latest parkour-exploration title Super Cloudbuilt, a remastered version, if you will, of the original title which launched in 2014 — have revealed that as part of the game’s graphic settings, players will be able to swap between multiple visual styles.

Ranging from colored pencil to watercolor to a painterly quality — even the ability to highlight specific Key Colors in the World environment — it’s like discovering [Adobe] Photoshop’s very many odd image filters, effects and stylized aesthetic modes, all over again. You can see how it looks in the brief video below. Super Cloudbuilt is scheduled to launch sometime this summer for PS4, Xbox One & PC.