Bit of Splatoon 2 Info Announced for Single Player

While we’ve received a few bits and pieces of news over the months in regards to Splatoon 2, last week’s trailer gave us the first peek into single player action. Now, a post on the official Tumblr account reveals just a bit more information of what’s happening.

We know Marie is on the search for Callie but requires help from the player. In the first Splatoon, you given the nickname “Agent 3” but since this is a new storyline with different events your new Inkling is now known as “Agent 4” during such dangerous missions. Also in the previous game, the single player action took place throughout various levels of Octo Valley. Now, you must traverse Octo Canyon, the headquarters for Octarian enemies, in search of Callie. Some stage hazards and puzzle platforms have been given a bit more detail in recent Twitter posts. Grinding on chains will be important in making your way around certain locations. And a party blower-like bridge can be unfurled with a blast of your weapon. However, you won’t be going at it alone! A team called New Squidbeak Splatoon has made it their sole duty to stop this menacing opponent. Based on the latest trailer it seems Sheldon and Marie herself are help when needed.

The journey to rescue Callie will be no easy task. Prepare for an ink-flinging war as Splatoon 2 releases July 21. See images and a clip from the game below.