Take Down Hordes of Undead in Zombie Gunship Survival

Whether they’re crawling, running, staggering or bulldozing around, it’s best to unleash a furious assault on zombies all from the cockpit of an AC-130 aircraft. In Zombie Gunship Survival you have full control of the action from inside this flying fortress.

Prepare troops for ground combat and protect them at the same time. The aircraft serves as both a shelter and base of operations. Deploy units wisely as you may be limited in firepower and time. Avoid friendly fire by knowing your enemy and studying different forms of undead. Keep upgrading your base, unlock dozens of weapons and scavenge for more equipment.

Zombie Gunship Survival is the latest game from the Zombie Gunship series and is available now for iOS and Android devices. View the launch trailer below to get in on the intense, non-stop war against zombie forces.