MotoGP 17 Will Have Unlocked Frame Rate on Consoles

MotoGP 17 is due out in June for consoles and PC as developer Milestone is promising 60 FPS across the board. Will this be a consistent frame rate? That would be a “no” according to a recent interview with WCCF Tech. In speaking with Lead Programmer Michele Caletti, it was mentioned that the goal is 60 FPS, but this frame rate would be unlocked on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Caletti stated, “On consoles, frame rate is not locked, because in some situations, say like massive crashes, the platforms offer some brilliant supports to minimize issues. Locking frame rate would just default on the ‘worst case’, unlocked frame rate instead is used by all racing titles because it allows to get the best in all conditions.”

The focus of the game will be to offer incentive to PS4 Pro and eventual Scorpio owners. MotoGP 17 will run at 1440p and offer a more consistent and stable frame rate. The PC version does have the option to lock in at 60 FPS. The game will also offer basic HDR support which will see enhancements in the future. “On PS4 Pro the game runs at 2560 X 1440, with even more stable 60fps. We don’t apply downsampling on HD TV on PS4 Pro, but we’re planning to update the HDR support quite soon and to improve graphics detail too.”