NA and EU LCS Schedules Released

Both the NA and EU LCS regions for League of Legends have released the schedules for the upcoming Summer Split.

With the Summer Split starting soon everyone has kind on been wondering who’s going to be facing who to start things off. With the EU LCS, in particular, they have two new teams joining the fray and catching their first match is high on a lot of people’s lists. Well, now we know that the Summer Split starts next week and you can see these new teams at the end of the week.

For the NA LCS the teams remain the same, but seeing the start of the split is still a good time. Will C9 go off on another strong run? Will CLG’s training pay off? Also, is Doublelift finally going to smash the LCS like he prophesized?

All these things and more will be answered next week as the EU LCS starts on Thursday, June 1, and the NA LCS starts on Friday, June 2. You can see the schedules respectively here and here.