The Lost Child’s Debut Trailer Reveals August 24 Release Date

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron director Takeyasu Sawaki has recently announced his next game: an RPG titled The Lost Child. The game focuses of on Hayato Ibuki, a magazine writer who is working on a news story of someone that committed suicide by jumping in front of a train at Shinjuku Station. During his pursuit, he falls onto the train platform – pushed by a black shadow. He’s saved by a woman Barcia, that gives him a suitcase, that holds the “demon gun gangour”, a weapon that lets Hayato capture and turn demons into his allies.

The Lost Child is a turn-based RPG, with focus being on capturing “astrals” to build your party. To move the story along, you will have to visit various locations, talk to locals, and find key characters. To help Hayato, a woman named Rua who is supposedly an angel – they together will find out the mysteries in the city.

The game is set to release August 24 in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita – and there’s no word of a Western release. The game’s official website contains even more information. Below is the trailer, that gives fleshes out of how combat and the story will function: