505 Games and Ovosonico Announce Last Day of June

We may be ready for the beginning of June in a couple of days, but 505 Games and developers Ovosonico are focusing on the end of it, as evidenced by the announcement of their latest title, Last Day of June. The result of a collaboration between director Massimo Guarini, musician Steven Wilson, and animator Jess Cope, the game focuses on the romance of the characters Carl and June as…well, as you can guess from the game’s title and see in the trailer below, tragedy sadly strikes them.

It’s a bit unclear as to exactly what genre Last Day of June belongs to or how its gameplay will go (being described as a “role-playing exploration game” and an “interactive adventure,” among other terms), but the basic goal is stated as having to solve various puzzles in order to turn back the clock and save the one you love. The end result will hopefully be a highly emotional experience that has a unique style to it, so keep an eye out for Last Day of June when it comes out later this year for the PS4 and PC (sadly, it will not be out at the end of June, perfect as that would have been).