Assassin’s Creed Origins Protagonist Leaked via GameStop T-Shirt

It seems that this fall, or whenever it ends up coming out, Assassin’s Creed Origins will feature Ba Yek, an Egyptian assassin equipped with a bow and shield, according to an image that popped up on Reddit on Tuesday.

The shirt was found by the Facebook page Le Verità dell’Animus, and posted to Reddit by thementorassassin16.

On the shirt, Ba Yek stands facing away from us with his bow and shield in hand. His robes are certainly not as eloquent as Ezio’s, but his hidden blade looks well crafted, with what look like wings detailing the forearm. Multiple hieroglyphs can be seen above Ba Yek’s name, as well as behind him. The one in the background has wings similar to the one on Ba Yek’s hidden blade We don’t get a good enough look at the other arm to tell if he has another one, but if we’re thinking about the timeline, it was many years later before Altaïr had the idea to use a second blade.

Also notable is the insignia in the bottom right of the image — the recognizable assassin symbol, but with the eye of Horus within it. The eye of Horus is a symbmol for protection and good health in Egyptian mythology.

With Italian GameStops already receiving t-shirts, could this mean that we’ll see an official announcement soon? Maybe E3? Let us know where you think it’ll show up in the comments below.