New Agents of Mayhem Trailer Channels Knight Rider

As August gets closer and closer, our anticipation for Volition’s new over-the-top open world action game Agents of Mayhem grows, especially thanks to its latest trailer. This time around, the focus is on vehicular travel, showing off a variety of rides the agents can cruise around in. And of course, as Agents of Mayhem is an unabashed love letter to ’80s action cartoons and TV shows, it is quite fitting that the new trailer not only features a version of the Knight Rider theme, but that it also showcases that all cars in the MAYHEM Motor Pool have their own talking AI.

Yes, now EVERY major vehicle in your arsenal is KITT. Whether or not that extends to such other unconventional vehicles such as was appears to be jet-powered pogo stick has yet to be seen, but whatever the case, it all contributes even further to the gleeful insanity Agents of Mayhem promises to offer, hopefully continuing the legacy created by the Saints Row series. Agents of Mayhem is due out on August 15 for the PC, PS4, and XB1, and it goes without saying that fans of talking cars and the Hoff may not want to miss out on this one.