Sonic Mania’s New Trailer Highlights Sweet Animation, Hints at New Zone

It possibly says a lot about Sonic Mania being a grand celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog that even its mere pre-order trailer feels epic. The whole thing, seen below, begins and and ends with a sketch-style animation (starting with a cute gag involving the original concept for our hero) by animator and comic artist Tyson Hesse, showing Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on the way to their latest adventure, in a clip that feels like a direct homage to Sonic CD’s classic cinematics. We don’t know yet if a full-color version (teased at the end) will be in the final game or not, or if it’s just for the trailer, but one can only hope.

The other item of interest appears during the montage of in-game action. Alongside the remixed Green Hill and Flying Battery zones and the brand new Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon zones that were previously revealed, we see glimpses of a stage coated in vegetation, featuring man-eating plants to act as obstacles. Intriguing stuff indeed, and it looks like it may indeed make for another classic level. But new zone or old zone, this trailer does a great job at highlighting the unique action mixed in with the franchise’s classic roots, and only gets us more hyped for Sonic Mania. The game is set to hit on August 15 for XB1, Switch, PS4, and PC, so be prepared to cook up some chili dogs in celebration by then.