Two New River City Titles Announced for 3DS

Natsume announced today that two all-new River City games will be joining the 3DS’s library in 2017. River City: Knights of Justice and River City: Rival Showdown offer up two new takes on the long-running franchise. Knights of Justice sees Kunio and his friends go medieval and will now use swords and magic to bring peace to the world. Rival Showdown features Kunio being attacked, while Riki’s girlfriend has disappeared – so he needs to figure out where she’s at and will beat up anyone he needs to in this beat-’em-up/RPG hybrid. Both games will be shown off at E3 from June 13-15, and it’s nice to see the River City series continue on the 3DS. Hopefully, they all wind up coming out on the Switch so they can be played either on the go or at home.