Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is All About the Mountain

In a blog post put out today by PlayStation, Final Fantasy XIV is showing the ease and challenge of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Put simply, think of Final Fantasy XIV as a mountain and the steady climb players new and old have been making the last several years.

If returning to FFXIV or planning on starting a journey in Eorzea, to get caught up to speed, Stormblood will take players to the land of Ala Mhigo, under the regime of the oppressive Garlean Empire. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida hopes to bridge the gap between story for players old or new. Stormblood being a representation of the culmination that everything FFXIV encompasses.

“Yes, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is the second major expansion to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. But unlike the first expansion, Heavensward, which pulled our heroes into European high fantasy and an ancient war, Stormblood is a new beginning in both story and design. The result is a more approachable, more visual Final Fantasy XIV — one that aims to bring the community closer together, and welcome newcomers who have yet to see some of the best the franchise has to offer.”

The team behind Stormblood understands not everyone has the time to dedicate every waking moment to a single game as people have lives outside of digital spaces. Stormblood plans on bridging the gap for new and old players with the new Tales of Adventure items. These are optional items that are purchased in game so players can move the story along at their own pace or boost a single class up to level 60 (the new cap being 70). This is where the mountain metaphor comes in:

“Veteran players have been slowly climbing this mountain for the past several years at their own pace, stopping now and then to enjoy the view. They may not feel like they’ve come far because they only climb a few steps at a time.”

The new Tales of Adventure item isn’t the only thing helping new players. There is also the new system of Job Gauges. These are unique gauges for every battle class that track all the important info players will need to set them on the right path for success.

Players can also except to see tweaks made to skills heroes are using, getting rid of redundant skills and putting them with skills that are more prevalent. Hotbars will automatically update given specific leveling requirements and the reworking of cross-class skills. These means not having to manage as many jobs and the job a player might want will be easier to reach, without having to constantly manage what job is in use.

Yoshida and his team have been hard at work, and Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood looks like another great expansion from the highly successful MMO. See you in Ala Mhigo June 20, when Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood releases for PC and PS4.