Formula Fusion Exits Early Access, Full Game Now Available

Having waited years for the sub-genre to offer up some new fledgeling creations, the futuristic, anti-grav racer is most certainly back. And on top of the console release of Redout as well as the remastered Wipeout: Omega Collection to look forward to, developers R8 Games have just unleashed another entry to add to the growing roster of recent titles with Formula Fusion which is out right now on PC.

The game has been in Early Access for a little over two years but today launches in its full build, with the promise of free DLC to come in the near future. Formula Fusion comprises of eight tracks and thirty variations on these courses alongside a single-player campaign, online multiplayer up to 10 players — along with the ability to spectate matches currently ongoing — a Replay mode and the ability to customise any one of the ten in-game fictional teams’ crafts.