Prey Finally Gets PS4 Pro Support

Despite its stating the support of PS4 Pro, Arkane Studios’ recently-released reboot of Prey had very little (if any) proof of its allowing owners of Sony’s improved console to reap the benefit of slightly better hardware. Worse still, of the three versions released of the game, players on the PS4 reported numerous cases of the game suffering from input lag and lengthy load times to name a few — the PC version surprisingly, given [Arkane’s previous release] Dishonored 2 suffered from a similarly-horrid performance on the platform, turning out quite well on the technical side.

Well now the developer has finally offered proof of the game’s original declaration of support through the recently-released 1.04 patch and while resolution remains the same on the Pro at 1080p, Prey now features visual niceties such as higher quality shadows, better screen-space reflections and improved textures among others. You can read up on the full list of improvements and tweaks here. Despite its slight performance issues and overall lack of originality, we found Prey to still be an enjoyable title with plenty of atmosphere in our review of the game here.