Ranked Battle Receives Some Changes in Splatoon 2

We are just days away from E3 and a month out from Splatoon 2’s launch date, but we’re getting more information on the game already! Ranked Battles is a mode from the first game in which players can show off their skills by competing in different challenges together. There is Splat Zones where a specific area must be covered in ink and held as long as possible. Rainmaker is a capture the flag type mode to bring a the item to your opponent’s base. The last Ranked Battle is Tower Control and it has a platform which must be ridden by you into enemy territory.

Fans are familiar with these and it’s great to hear they are all coming back for Splatoon 2. However, there have been a few changes to each one. In Splat Zones, there is a mini map at the top of the screen to let you know how both teams are progressing with covering the area. It will begin filling up in the color of your ink when you cover more and more of it. Tower Control used to be just a straight shoot from one place to another but now there are checkpoints along the way. Those riding it will have to stop at each one which could be easy pickings for snipers or tossing a Splat Bomb. Taking possession of the Rainmaker used to give it a slow build-up of an ink tornado to defend yourself. Now, it launches much faster and with more power in bazooka-like fashion.

While it looks like the same Ranked Battles we know and love are here to stay, we are definitely going to have to get used to them again. See all the action below as Nintendo discusses these new features.