Strafe, Broken Age, Deemo, Home, and Trading Cards Coming From LRG

After clearing the decks in May it was time to get moving on the rest of the year, and this week saw a number of announcements from Limited Run Games.  New games, release dates, and even a change of inserts are all part of the week’s updates, so rather than see the details scattered to the four winds here they are in a handy itemized format-

First up was the announcement that indie horror/mystery Home is getting a release on PS4 and Vita.  Home is a short narrative game defined by player choice, playable in a single sitting but with multiple outcomes depending on which way you point the story.  Home doesn’t have a release date yet but it will be the standard $25.00 release when it launches.

Broken Age and Deemo: The Last Recital get more solid release dates, going live on June 9.  Broken Age comes in both PS4 and Vita formats, while Deemo is Vita-only, and all are getting prints runs 4,500 strong.  It’s a solid release week, especially with Deemo being a Japanese music/rhythm game that, while it’s been out for years on the other side of the Pacific, only just hit the US and Europe in May.  Broken Age should be an easy sell-out, but Deemo is just the kind of quirky little beast that can set collectors’ hearts aflutter.

Next up is Strafe, which isn’t part of the Limited Run Games official collection due to it being published by Special Reserve Games.  LRG has half the print run with a different cover, which means 1,000 copies total.  The small amount mean it’s only getting a single order window of noon EST, and while the Special Reserve version took several days to sell through it seems likely the LRG version won’t have quite that generous an order window.  Still, if you’re an LRG collector it’s your choice as to whether to bite on it or not, due to Strafe being more a co-publishing venture without any official spine numbering or LRG logo on the box.

Finally, from completely out of left field, comes the announcement that the stickers and postcards LRG includes with each game are getting replaced with high quality trading cards.  While the manufacturer hasn’t been announced it’s likely Upper Deck, and the plan is to have cards available both with individual orders and available in standard randomized packs with rare developer signatures inside.  There will, of course, be an LRG binder, but if you’ve got a spare 3-ring left over from your X-Men card collecting days in the 90s it will serve the purpose admirably.  Or you can just pop open the game and toss the card inside, or even stick it in the spokes of your bike.  Whatever works, really.  While the card plan is still in its formative stage there are plenty of ideas kicking around for it, including reissuing cards for previous releases once the developers sign off.  It’s a fun idea, assuming it doesn’t get out of hand with holo-foil, lenticular, chromium, hologram, pop-up, scratch & sniff, and fuzzy variants.  (Explanatory note- worked in a comic store in the 90s and may still be suffering from trading card PTSD.)

And after all this?  There’s still Night Trap in the works, more announcements coming, and a lengthy pile of announced but unscheduled games on the way.  Someday there will be Salt & Sanctuary and Cosmic Star Heroine.  Someday…