Win a Switch by Eating Chips in this Frito-Lay Giveaway

Snacking on chips and playing video games go together perfectly. While this particular post isn’t about gamer Doritos, it is pretty close. Frito-Lay has teamed up with Nintendo to giveaway a Switch console every hour!

Consumers picking up a Frito-Lay Variety Pack gets you a chance at winning the gaming system. Between now and July 8, look for specially marked packages which contain information about how U.S. residents can enter┬áthe contest. Packaging will feature Mario, Link, and Inklings which makes it easier to spot. All you do then it enter the code onto this website and you’re entered!

The Nintendo Switch has been pretty hard to get for many, as stores often sell out of them a short amount of time. Hopefully this promotional offer will help out anyone trying to find one. Be sure to wipe any greasy, salty or cheesy fingers off before picking up the Switch controller.