Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Gravity Rush 2 and LET IT DIE Team Up

Get ready for… something, because LET IT DIE and Gravity Rush 2 are collaborating.  While literally no information beyond the initial announcement has been released, this can only be a good thing.

LET IT DIE, the tower crawler, that was announced and released within the same day during Sony’s PlayStation press conference last year, has seen success for being a free-to-play game. Mimicking the style of Dark Souls but bringing the bombasticness that only a Suda game can.

Gravity Rush 2 having released earlier this year (in case you missed it) was the direct follow up to Gravity Rush. Following the adventures of Kat as she uses her gravity defying powers to save the people and city she loves.

While it’s only assumption, needless to say, it’s easy to see how Kat would fit in the world of LET IT DIE, a game about climbing a giant tower. This is the perfect playground for Kat, if that is the direction it’s going in. Stay tuned as more information will be available soon.