Tempo Storm Announce their North America Challenger Team

Even with franchising around the corner teams are still pouring what they can into the Challenger Series. Today, Tempo Storm has announced their squad.

The North American Scouting Grounds tournament Riot held must have really help with some player exposure. Throughout the Challenger Series, a lot more familiar names are popping up do to it and Tempo Storm has two on their roster. Here’s who they will be fielding in a few weeks.

  • Top: Diego “Quas” Ruiz
  • Jungle: Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin
  • Mid: Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski
  • ADC: Sam “Reven” Sung
  • Support: Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher
  • Coach: Nick “LS” De Cesare

Other than Reven you’ll likely recognize every name on this list. SELFIE had his time in the EU LCS amongst other teams and played pretty well, Quas used to be the top laner for Team Liquid before stepping down for a bit, Sheep used to play for Cloud9 Tempest and other teams but also took a break and last is Wiggily who played for Big Gods Jackals the last split.

That’s the latest addition to the NACS and you can read more about the team and other membersĀ here.