New Serial Cleaner Trailer Shows Off Drunk Mode, More

A behind the scenes trailer for iFun4All’s upcoming game, Serial Cleaner, details the beginnings of its development but also takes a look at what the story mode and some of the challenge modes will have in store.

The story mode, of course, will have you sneaking around, cleaning up crime scenes and getting tangled up with the mob, but there will also be a few other modes that will shake things up a bit to make the gameplay more varied. There’s a black and white mode, a drunk mode will make the entire screen wavy, making it harder for you to navigate, and a super-hardcore mode will take away most of the things that help you complete the mission. There are 20 different challenge modes total.

I recently had the chance to play Serial Cleaner at PAX East, and while it can get frustratingly hard, it’s a fun game with a great concept. You can check out my full preview here. Serial Cleaner is available via Steam Early Access right now, and will come to PC and PlayStation 4 this summer.