Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars is Now Available

Within the last few months there have been a couple of pizza games announced; one about delivering and the other on making them. So, what’s one more pizza-related title? This time you try to eat them. Rooster Teeth Games’ Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, is an all-out fight for collecting the most pizza.

Sloths are usually pretty chill but here they move fast and have some attitude. Battlesloths 2025 is a multiplayer twin-stick shooter. Compete against three other sloths locally or online using a variety of crazy weapons while wearing some silly headgear. There are lots of levels and modes to play through in this new chaotic game.

Take a look at all of the insane, slothy, gooey mess in the launch trailer below. Check for it on Steam and enjoy all of its glorious wackiness.