Space Exploration Game ‘Outreach’ Receives First Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming indie game Outreach, where you explore an abandoned Russian space station during the cold war, received its first gameplay trailer on Tuesday, giving us a look at what to expect from the graphics and some of the things you’ll be doing in the game.

Playing as a Russian astronaut named Alexy, you’ll explore a secret space station built by the Russians in the 1980s to try to discover what happened to the crew. You’ll be working on computers trying to get them back online, and talking with ground control back home.

Check out the Initial Gameplay Trailer below:

Outreach was announced back in 2015, and has slowly made its way onto the scene using some high quality, live action trailers meant to portray the tone that they are going for. You can check them all out at developer Pixel Spill’s YouTube channel. Outreach is to be released sometime later this year on Steam.