The Golf Club 2 Gets Features Trailer, Releases Late June

Just ahead of E3 2017, Maximum Games releases a preview trailer for its sequel to the highly customizable Golf Club called The Golf Club 2. The trailer showcases the new features and enhancements to the game. The biggest focus is geared towards the new Societies. Societies, much like club memberships, can be created and joined. Even more so, the more reputable the Society becomes, the better club houses will become available which will invite better golfers. Tournaments can be hosted and outsiders will need to buy their way into the tournaments to help create prize money.

Besides the Societies, The Golf Club 2 will get an enhanced analog swing mechanic. Players can still choose from the abundance of created courses from the first game. This will allow for infinite replayability. There will be new golf club sets to choose from, as well. With the lack of proper PGA licensed golf titles this generation, The Golf Club has managed to make itself stand out with its visuals and realism. Now the game will get deeper. Check out the trailer below. Players can pre-order the game for when it releases June 28th and can score a handful of Day One content.