Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Launch Trailer Hits Early

What a roller coaster ride Final Fantasy XIV has been since its original release in 2010. When the first iteration was critically panned, Square Enix actually listened to their fans and went back to the drawing board, creating arguably the best MMO currently available in A Realm Reborn.

While the first twenty or so hours of the game are a slow grind, it’s that later content that really picks things up, and it certainly helped two years ago when the first major expansion, Heavensward, hit the scene.

Now, Square Enix is ready to release their second major expansion in the form of Stormblood, a story that takes us to an Eastern inspired world filled with new mysterious and adventures.

A head of its release in a couple of weeks (or next next week if you pre-ordered the game to get early access), Square Enix has released an incredibly lengthy launch trailer (six minutes) to celebrate Stormblood’s arrival.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will be available for PC  and PlayStation 4 June 20, with early access starting June 16.