tinyBuild Announces Fantasy City Management Game Community Inc

On the surface, you might think that a city building/management game almost seems like a relatively sane release for an indie publisher such as tinyBuild, who have built an empire on the likes of stalking creepy neighbors, racing superheroes, stabbing party-goers, and more. But then you watch the announcement trailer below for developer T4 Interactive’s Community Inc, see the soothing images of villagers crafting their world alongside more surreal fantasy elements such as giant rock golems, tree creatures, and magic portals, and suddenly it makes more sense.

Described as a merge between The Sims and SimCity, Community Inc sees you crafting your own community of humanoids known as Lings for fun and profit (mainly profit), micro-managing every detail and paying attention to each Ling’s individual stats, making sure that they’re happy, healthy, and competent, lest things get set on fire. You also have to deal with randomly-generated events, how to deal with other races and creatures in the area and whether you should fight or negotiate with them, and gather resources needed to craft necessary items, among other things. Community Inc is set to come out this Summer for PC, but like most tinyBuild games, you can sign up for the alpha now at the game’s official site. The game will also be playable at The MIX’s E3 event next week, so stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for any possible impressions.