E3 2017: Activision Brings Its Aresnal to Showcase and Experience

Activision certainly has a few big titles on the horizon in 2017. Today, Activision announced what it would be showcasing at E3 2017. Many are aware that these games exist, but there are still a good bit of questions to be answered. The first game, Call of Duty: WWII, marks the return of the franchise to its origins. Beginning Tuesday, June 13, attendees will experience the gameplay premiere of the multiplayer modes. The game will be playable at E3, and attendees will get to enlist in the conflict involving five iconic World War II Divisions. The Airborne Division, the first to the fight, where you move fast and stay quiet; the Mountain Division, where a sharp shooter focus is precise and deadly; the Infantry Division as the tip of the spear; the Armored Division, which brings the heaviest firepower; or the Expeditionary Force who is packing heat with incendiary shells. Lastly, attendees will compete in the team-driven and narrative-based War Mode, where battles for key objectives in unique European locations will take place.

Everyone is aware of what Destiny 2 is offering, and it will also be playable at E3 2017. Attendees will be able to dive into the story mode along with competitive and cooperative multiplayer. This will also include the debut of the new Guardian subclass, the Arcstrider Hunter, whose “super” ability is to summon an Arc-empowered staff to be used for close-quarters melee combat. This will be running on PlayStation 4 Pro consoles at the event, and all attendees are invited to play.

The final game on Activision’s list for E3 2017 is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Coming in a couple of weeks, attendees will be able to play new levels in HD, as well as be introduced to new innovations. This will take place in the N. Sane Crash Experience in the South Hall lobby where attendees can also be involved in photo opportunities and win daily prizes. The game will launch June 30 on PS4.