Gambitious to Publish ’70s Crime Film-Themed Action Game Milanoir

The last time we checked in on developers Italo Games and their ode to ’70s Italian crime films, Milanoir, it was seeking support on Steam Greenlight. And not only did it end up being greenlit after just less than a month, but now it has the full support of indie publishers Gambitious Digital Entertainment, who announced today that they will indeed be publishing the game, now set to come out later this year for PC.

With this announcement comes a new trailer for the game, seen below, showing off its pixelated Milan setting amongst a variety of top-down action, while also introducing us to the cast of characters involved in this tale of revenge, as well as a peek at its promised co-op mode. It all looks like an absolute blast that nicely captures the intensity and feel of the classic films it pays tribute to, and Milanoir will be showcased at Devolver’s Indie Picnic at E3 next week, so stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer as always for our potential thoughts on how this particular Italian job is shaping up.