PAX West 2017 Badges Are Live! GO GO GO! (Updated)

Update-At the time of this writing, 3:31 PM PST, there are still Monday badges available.

Friends, if you are consistently refreshing Hardcore Gamer like you should be, you are seeing this post right as it goes up. This means that PAX West badges for the September 1-4 show just went up for sale. If you are wanting to go, stop reading this immediately and get the heck over there right now. Otherwise, you will find yourself sorely disappointed, as these things sell out quick. Typically, you want to get in within the first ten minutes, choose the days that are wanted, and get into a queue for checkout, which is the system they have in place to avoid crashing the danged server.

This year, the badges will be going for $48 per day, with no four day passes available. Also available this time is the opportunity to buy some exclusive merchandise, including a scarf ($28), dice set ($38) and blanket ($38). These can be tacked onto the badge order and will be sent to homes before the show, so the swag is in hand and ready for use at the convention itself.