Rain of Reflections Shows Off Story

Studio Lionbite Games showed off a new trailer for upcoming title Rain of Reflections. Move over Cyberpunk 2077, you’re not the only cyberpunk story in town.

Rain of Reflections is heavily drenched in cyberpunk sci-fi noir and it shows. From the environments alone, it’s easy to see this is about as cyber-noir as it gets. Rain of Reflections will focus on three main protagonists – Wilona, Dwennon and Imra – each with a unique story all tied together by the same strand of fate.

Looking to such games as XCOM while maintaining its RPG core, Rain of Reflections will heavily take player choice into account. There will be no undo button, no game over screen and no retry from checkpoints. Rain of Reflections makes choice as permanent as it gets. So, choose wisely.

Reflect on the trailer below: