Survios Announces New Features for Sprint Vector

As a developer, Survios has been turning heads with their VR games. Raw Data’s gun play and robot demolition has captured my heart, while Sprint Vector has impressed with its high speed racing and acrobatics. In anticipation of next week’s E3, the developer has pulled back the curtain a bit on the latter, giving folks a peek at some of the recently added features that the full title will have.

First is the blasting ability. Players take the role of one of many Flash like racers, moving at incredible speeds. Sometimes, things will happen to get in the way. Blowing these impediments up seems like a reasonable solution, and so it will be a viable option. Nitro and Slow Mine power ups will also be added in. As one would expect, the Nitro power up gives players and extra boost of speed, allowing them to make up for that corner they biffed, or just pull out further ahead. When getting ahead, it doesn’t seem right to make it easy on the losers left behind, so a Slow Mine has also been added.

Also added to the game are new wall run and drift systems. How these will be enacted with the existing motion control scheme remains to be seen, but considering the fluid movements that Survios can already boast, the answer is certain to be “with ease.”

“We love to build active experiences. Virtual reality is amazing, but in order to achieve true immersion, it has to engage your body as well as your brain, and locomotion is key to that,” said James Iliff, Survios cofounder and Chief Creative Officer . “ Sprint Vector is designed from the ground up as a heart-pounding, locomotion-centric experience where nothing is off limits. The result is a fast-paced, hypercompetitive game the likes of which have never been seen in VR.”

We are expecting to get some more hands on time with this one next week, and will be sure to report in much greater detail.