Vampyr Gets a Spiffy New Cinematic Trailer For E3

With only mere days before the floodgates open and new game trailers pour out of E3 and its press conferences en masse, Focus Interactive and Dontnod have decided to get the ball rolling and release their new E3 2017 trailer for their upcoming third-person action RPG, Vampyr, which you can check out below. While we have seem a hefty chunk of Vampyr’s gameplay before, the new trailer decided to go with a more cinematic angle (as you might expect from an E3 trailer), with more gameplay footage to likely come in the following week.

The three and a half minute trailer (set to a pretty cool Ida Maria song) still shows off a lot of what Vampyr has to offer in terms of world-building, showcasing the disease-ridden alternate 1918 London setting you’ll be playing in. We also get glimpses of some of the various monsters you’ll square off against, powers and attacks your new vampire self may use, and hints about how any blood-drinking sprees you go on may lead to notable aftermaths. But possibly the most notable aspect of this trailer is that its description finally contains a release window for the game: November 2017. Can Dontnod follow up Life is Strange with another winner? We’ll see come November, but stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for any possible new thoughts on Vampyr at or coming out of E3.